Vending Packs

Vending Packs

Carefully Selected Ingredients

It is our policy to only use the best ingredients in our range of vending machines. This means we often choose not to use branded products. Instead, we use products that are specifically formulated and blended for vending use, and that provides the best quality of drink, often at the same cost or lower than a “branded” alternative.

A good example of this in practice is our own range of coffee wholebeans, blended and roasted to our specification by James Aimer of Scotland, who have been producing coffee since 1884. Rather than rely on the brands to supply products, over 6 years ago we took the almost unique approach to have blended and roasted to our specification a range of products for use with specific vending systems.

Similarly, rather than use an average Cadbury product we use the Le Royal range of chocolate product, produced in Switzerland by Barry Callebaut, for both standard and Fairtrade varieties, and which provide a rich foamy chocolate drink.
Quality Hot Drinks

For Satisfying Hot Beverages

Every one of our vending products is formulated, approved and enjoyed on a regular basis by us, because we’re pretty confident that after 30 years we know what makes a great satisfying hot beverage. All of our coffees are blended, roasted and packed with care to exact specifications, because we like to think we know what makes a great drink, and want to keep it that way.

Of course, we also supply a whole range of other great drinks as well, including leaf tea and teabags, speciality and herbal teas, frothy hot chocolate, specially formulated milk powders for cappuccinos and lattes, and syrup flavourings, as well as a complete range of Fairtrade-accredited products. All soluble chocolate and milk products are certified HVO-free and contain no MSG derivatives.

Finally, don’t forget the essentials like sugar and sweetener sticks, stirrers, mugs and tableware, paper cups, cup trays, signage, posters, and machine decals, all of which can be personalised.

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