Reduce, re-use and recycle.

Select Drinks try to abide by this message in all their business activities.


We ask our suppliers to reduce their packaging and to take it back for reuse wherever possible. We buy more energy efficient products to save electricity costs and buy durable products to cut down on excess manufacturing. By making sure we always photocopy double sided and only when necessary we cut down on our paper costs substantially. In general we print in draft mode to cut down on toner and ink costs too.


We reuse paper from misprints and drafts as note pads and for internal correspondence. Cardboard boxes are re-used for packaging and printer toner cartridges are sent for reuse where possible.


We have set ourselves a target of 75% of waste to be recycled. This is being achieved through recycling of pallets, cardboard, paper, cans and plastic bottles.

Recycling Rewards

In 2009 we launched a special scheme for our customers, called the Recycling Rewards Programme. Using a selected range of hot drinks machines we adapt the machine’s software and labelled the machine with clear instructions on how to dispense a drink without a cup, which the machine kept an independent record of. This scheme encourages the end users to either use their own crockery or re-use their plastic or paper cups rather than generate additional waste every time they vend a drink.
Recycling Rewards Scheme
We then calculate regularly and provide a rebate at meaningful intervals based on the number of cups saved, usually either a penny per cup rebate directly back to the client’s account or a 1.2 pence per cup donation to a charity specified by the client, usually chosen in conjunction with their staff.

Total Gas & Power, our first Recycling Rewards site, recently received a donation to their chosen charity of Great Ormond Street Hospital for £1200 as a result of their participation in the Recycling Rewards programme.

Vending2u Refurbished Vending Machines

Every year hundreds of thousands of tonnes of scrap metal, electrical wiring and electronic PCB’s are sent, at best, to recycling centres or at worst, to landfill. The fact is, however, that most vending machines use common parts, usually available years after the machine’s manufacture, and with some deep cleaning, technical wizardry and good old-fashioned TLC, can be made as “good as new” many years after their initial manufacture.

This is what we do – the refurbishment, rebuilding and remanufacturing of vending for 2nd users – hence Vending2u.

Vending2u is a division of Select Drinks that source and supply vending machines that we know, from our own experiences in the field, are more than capable of being re-generated. With our parts storage facility of over 2000 sq. ft. we are able to replace all of a machine’s components during a rebuild, and if we cannot then the machine is stripped and sent for recycling at our accredited WEEE treatment facility.

We have dedicated workshop facilities for the full refurbishment and rebuild of vending machines, with most of our in-house technicians having 20 years or more vending experience.

Vending2u – putting new life into vending.

See our dedicated website for more details.

Plastic Cup Recycling

We are a supporter of schemes for recycling plastic vending cups. Although fewer and fewer of our customers use plastic cups, we are a supporter of the industry scheme which facilitates the collection and recycling of plastic vending cups. All cup collections are made in accordance with current legislation covering the transfer of waste, with documentation provided where necessary, and complies with the new Packaging Waste Regulations. The recycled product is then converted into plastic components, which are then used inside many of our drinks and snack vending machines.

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