Traditional Espresso

Creme Diamant

2-3 Group Barista Machine
Crem Int. Expobar Diamant featured

Diamant is an exclusive espresso machine that is fully-equipped with technical innovations and high-class finishing touches.


Onyx Pro

2-3 Group Barista Machine
Onyx Pro featured

ONYX – the professional-grade premium espresso machine that defines attainable luxury and lets you express your own personal style.



2-3 Group Barista Machine
Rosetta featured

A machine from the Rosetta range ensures an optimal experience for all senses and gives great pleasure to all espresso lovers across the world.



1-2-3 Group Barista Machine
Expobar G10 Featured Image

A passion for coffee is the driving force behind the Expobar G10 espresso coffee machine, producing real traditional espresso coffees.


Zircon/Zircon Plus

1-2-3 Group Barista Machine
Zircon featured

ZIRCON range was created to cover all possible environments from where great coffee is required to be served.


Carat Eco

1-2 Group Barista Machine
Crem Int. Expobar Carat Eco Featured

With innovative design and technology the Carat is an eye-catching machine with genuine quality.



2 Group Barista Machine
Monroc featured

The Monroc offers sites that are operating on a smaller budget to still be able to offer their customers a variety of high quality espresso based drinks.


WMF Espresso

2 Group Barista Machine
WMF Espresso featured image

The new WMF espresso is a unique hybrid machine that combines the best features of a traditional espresso machine with many automatic features.


Office Leva

1 Group Barista Machine
Expobar Leva featured

The Office Leva is a small and compact espresso machine that goes just as well in the office as at home.

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