Power Management

Reducing Energy Consumption

Most of our new coffee and vending machines are fitted with efficient Energy Management Systems that reduce energy consumption to minimise their carbon footprint. Our machines incorporate the most advanced energy saving modes available, saving up to 40% in energy consumption. They have inbuilt learning technology which monitors usage and automatically alters the shutdown or economy mode time periods.

A Plus Plus Energy RatingOur Mistral range of snack and bottle machines have triple glazed viewing panels for excellent insulation properties and a foam injected cabinet to provide best in class thermal insulation. The use of a locking insulation barrier built into delivery bin reduces contact with warm air, therefore reducing energy usage. The Mistral snack or drinks machine has been independently tested to the EVA-EMP standard and consumes just 336 watt hours / hr.

Our snack, confectionery and bottle vending machines have exceeded the Tier 2 Energy Star requirements and have been awarded EVA-EMP ratings of A (Shopper 2), A+(Mistral) and A++ (Merchant, Bev Max) as a result of their power saving systems.

VendSense® – Powers down when nobody’s around

An additional power saving tool that can be fitted to any machine, old or new, is the VendSense® power monitoring system. The VendSense® system effectively switches off the vending machine when no motion is detected within its vicinity, within a pre-set timescale. On average this will eliminate 64% of the electricity that would be used by a machine in any given week but the actual cost savings would be subject to your electricity tariff. This figure is based on an average working week of 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday.
VendSense Power Management
Although the VendSense® PMS is factory-set with standard settings, it can be custom programmed for your particular requirements – the length of inactive time before the machine switches off, how long the machine stays off for if no movement is detected, and how long the machine should be switched back on for if triggered during the “inactive” time can all be individually set.

As an example, a recent site in North Essex with VendSense units fitted to 8 Geneva machines reported a 19,000kWh reduction in their electricity costs, which in turn equates to a CO2 reduction of 10.25 tonnes.

Download more information about VendSense here

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