Healthy Vending – “Vends with Benefits”

Offering Healthy and Low Calorie Items as Standard

At Select Drinks we believe that all vending, particularly snack and can vending:

  • Should reflect and serve what consumers want to buy.
  • Should recognize and mirror retail trends and promotions, and benefit from product development work carried out by the brands.
  • Should provide a balanced range of luxury and healthy products, without succumbing to accusations of encouraging obesity.

On average only 0.5% of an individual’s daily calorie intake comes via a vending machine, so clearly the occasional chocolate treat or carbonated drink is acceptable, so long as taken in moderation.
Healthy Vending Products
We carry and supply a wide and ever-growing range of everyday, premium and healthy-choice bagged snacks, crisps and confectionery, as well as a full complement of bottled water, carbonates and juice based drinks. As part of the COVER Group we benefit from working relationships and support packages with all of the major brands – Nestle, Mars and Cadbury; Coca Cola and Britvic – as well as working with up-and-coming and niche brands
Healthy Vending
Unless directed otherwise by our clients, we usually set up all our machines with at least 15% of the spirals dedicated to low calorie / low sugar products and options officially designated as healthy by the Health Education Trust from their Real Choice product line, such as:

  • Fruit and seed mixes
  • Fruit and seed bars
  • Rice crackers
  • Carbonated Juices
  • Fairtrade Juices
  • Fruit juice bottles
  • Juice drink pouches
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