Grounds for Good

A recent initiative we have launched is our Grounds for Good programme, where we remove any waste from sites that can be organically composted – mainly used tea and coffee grouts, paper towels used when cleaning the machines, and paper cups.
Grounds for good
Paper cups are an enormous improvement over plastic in terms of drink quality but currently they are not recyclable today. However, they are fully compostable, which is in fact vastly more energy efficient and doesn’t create recycled second-grade product with little if any commercial value or use.


This organic and paper waste is stored in specially designed and sealed containers and then delivered to the award-winning composting site by our vehicles on a regular basis.

The benefits of this scheme are immense – it reduces our commercial waste volumes by a third, generates additional income and employment at a local level for a deserving project, eliminates ‘waste’ miles, and creates rich compost that is given free back to local residents to grow windowsill plants and flowerbeds as well as various voluntary and educational projects.

The alternative is that the same ‘waste’ is collected and transported via a commercial waste collection service to our local incinerator, where it is processed and stored, with the remaining fly ash going to landfill. Most London boroughs pay over £90 per resident per year to have waste disposed of this way – our local borough of Walthamstow spends around £18 million per year on waste collection and disposal.

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