Cashless Systems

Don't show us the money

All our new vending machines have the option to offer cashless payment methods in accordance with the overall trend towards a cashless society. Select Drinks can supply both Mei-pay and G4S cashflow systems. Most financial insititutions and national retailers now agree that processing a transaction on a card is cheaper than handling cash. This is definitely true for most vending operators due to the high volume of low value coinage, the ever increasing rate of forgery and constant changing of coinage to try to combat this, and the general security risks and costs that come with handling high volumes of cash.

Mainstream acceptance of cashless payments for low-value items is already apparent as consumers use their debit and credit cards to purchase online music and apps for less that £1.00, as well as in coffee shops, for fast food, cold beverages and cashback facilities at most major stores.

mei-pay cashflow system

CashFlow® mei-pay

With CashFlow® mei-pay you can offer your customers different payment options that best suit their needs. Whether you are looking for an entry point cashless or a sophisticated system to manage multiple locations CashFlow® mei-pay can match your requirements precisely.

With mei-pay you can set pricing, bonus or free vends by,

  • User groups
  • Time periods
  • Machine
  • Or any combination of the above.


You can even set bonuses to reward high turnover customers, block lost or stolen cards from the system and limit media to only work on specific machines. It is a contactless solution: with no moving parts or key insertion required so reliability is exceptional.

Download our mei-pay® brochure here

Girovend G4S Technology

GiroVend Cashless vending readers increase the efficiency and turnover of vending systems by eliminating the need for coin mechanisms in vending machines. Users pay for goods using values ‘preloaded’ to a cashless payment card which can also be used to purchase from other units in a system installation.

Cashless Systems
GiroVend Readers allow for improvements in security, as well as the ability to offer an enhanced level of management control.

  • Eliminate cash losses and security issues
  • Improve sales through increased effciency and impulse purchases
  • Increased machine availability
  • Customers are able to view card balance
  • Improved transaction control
  • Faster people flow
  • Identify best selling product lines
  • Comprehensive management data

Download our Girovend Cashless Vending Systems brochure here

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