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How To Keep Your Workforce Happy And Efficient

October 15th, 2013 by steveadmin

Efficiency in the workplace is what every employer wants – for their staff to be working as hard as they possibly can, so they can produce the best results possible. However, in order for this to happen your employees need to be happy in the workplace, and feel that you are rewarding them with things that they want.

It is common knowledge that workplace efficiency is higher when the employees are happy and treated well; here are some top tips to keep your workplace efficiency up.

Give Praise

If a member of staff or a particular team has done something to be proud of, you should ensure that they are given praise and recognition for it. This will create a better atmosphere within the workplace and employees won’t feel that they are feeling neglected or ‘working for nothing’. By giving your praise, you are showing them that you are paying attention, and the work they are doing is making a difference.

Incentives and Reward Schemes

Employees like to feel like they are getting something back from the work that they are putting into the company. By providing incentives or rewards when they reach particular targets, you could motivate them to do better more often. There are plenty of things to choose from such as bonuses, team outings and extra holidays. It doesn’t need to be overly expensive; it could be as simple as a dress down day or week.

Get A Coffee Machine

If you have a quality coffee machine within the workplace it may prevent your staff going out to buy tea and coffee. The majority of employees in any workplace environment consume hot drinks, so by ensuring that they have a quality drinks machine to obtain their drinks from, they will appreciate the gesture, creating a happier environment.

Allow For Progression

If a particular member of staff is doing extremely well or has been working really hard towards particular goals, help them to progress within the company. If they feel valued as a member of staff they are more likely to stay and want to do well, and by showing that you have noticed their hard work and are now offering a promotion, this motivates them to keep working harder.

These are only a few changes and tops tips that you can incorporate into your workplace to ensure that your workforce is happy and working efficiently. Here at Select Drinks we supply an extensive range of drinks machines, vending machines and much more. For more information call us today on 0808 159 8385 to speak to a member of our team, and increase your workplace efficiency today.

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